Because they can cycling too !

Cycling for the girls ...
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 If you are on a forum for the first time...

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PostSubject: If you are on a forum for the first time...   Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:24 pm

How to register ?

If you have no account, click on "register". Add a name, password, and mail address. Then go on your electronic mail and confirm the demand.
You can come on this forum.

How to connect ?

Just click on "log in" and add your name and password

How to add a new message ?

If you want to present you : Go on the "presentation" topic. Click on "new" just below the orange color where you can read the names. Add a title and then write.
Click on "send" et it's made.

How to respond to a message ?

Go on the message that you want to respond. Click on "répondre" (sorry but this buttom was not in english!). If you click on "quote" the old message will appear with yours.

How to make your profile ?

When you are on the home page just below the picture click on "profile". There are all informations you can add.
Below the buttom "log out" you have others options like "preference", "signature" (sentence which appear with your messages on the forum), "avatar" (your picture), and "watched topics" (if you want to receive a mail when somebody answer to one on your topic, just choose which topic you want to follow!).

What does FAQ means ?

It's all questions you can have. If you don't understand something it's on "FAQ" that you will find the answer.

How to come back to the home page when I am in a topic ?

Just click on the big picture

How to know if there are new posts ?

Envelopes are orange. If one is green there is a new post.

If you have any problem don't hesited to ask me ...

Have a good time with us ! Very Happy
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If you are on a forum for the first time...
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